Wednesday, 7 June 2017

About the lead actress of Munna Micheal and her hot and HQ photos

You might have watched the trailer of new Tiger Shroff movie Munna Micheal. And now must be questioning who the female lead and want to know more about her, don’t worry we got you covered here we have all the details. The name of this young actor is Nidhhi Agerwal.
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Tiger Shroff new movie “Munna Micheal” is what everyone talking about since its posters were unveiled, and now after the release of the trailer, it is only getting bigger. Many of you want to know about the lead actress. The young actor is Nidhhi Agerwal.  Nidhhi is making her debut with the handsome Tiger Shroff in Munna Michael.
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Nidhhi Agerwal is a model, and we already saw the hotness of her in the posters of the movie. Nidhhi Agerwal has been born and raised in Bangalore. She did her graduation in Business Management other than that she is quite a dancer as she is trained in Ballet, hip-hop and Belly dancing. Becoming an actor is her dream. She is a model, beauty pageant and former participant of Miss Diva 2014. 24-year-old Nidhhi is set to come up on the screen as Dolly in Munna Michael, After watching the trailer, we can say that she looks absolutely stunning.
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Nidhhi is new in the industry and she might just have a few scenes in the promo, but we all expect to see more of her in the film. Munna Michael is going to hit the big screen on July 21st. And we know you can’t wait to see more of Nidhhi Agerwal so let’s have a look at her best, most beautiful, hot and HQ photos.
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After looking at her HQ photos, one thing is sure, Nidhhi is made for the big screen and her boldness mixed with a gorgeous face is what viewers want to see more in future.

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