Thursday, 8 June 2017

7 Alia Bhatt Controversies That Shocked Bollywood

1. The Chat Show Debacle
So Alia won’t be winning the Nobel Prize anytime soon but on the bright side, we did get an epic viral video out of it so perhaps all wasn’t lost after all. 
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2. The Saifai Mahotsav Controversy
After coming under harsh criticism for performing at an event that utilized huge portions of money which could have otherwise been used to rehabilitate riot victims, Alia spoke in her defense that, “We are not sadistic who went to Saifai, and felt happy about those who were suffering! But yes, I do feel bad for not being aware. I just think that it isn't fair to call us inhuman.”
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3. The Daddy Issues
They may be thick as thieves now, but it wasn’t a sunny day for Alia Bhatt fans when her father, Mahesh Bhatt apparently went on record to admit that his daughter made him feel that he had failed as a father. Ouch. 
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4. The AIB Roast Scandal
She may have sportingly laughed along with all the jokes cracked at her expense during the celebrity roast, but all she got for her troubles was an FIR and an arrest warrant for being privy to the controversial show as part of the audience.
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5. The Twitter Outburst
It started out with Mahesh Bhatt alluding that Sonakshi’s name was perhaps not included in the arrest warrant against the roast audience because of her political connections. It ended with Sonakshi having the last word and repaying the favour in kind by dragging Alia’s name into the line of fire.

6. The Infamous Malfunction
Alia ended up showing the media a whole lot more than she bargained for when a candid lift by Varun Dhawan during the promotions of Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania landed her in a major wardrobe whoopsie moment. The actress reportedly told Varun off afterwards and asked him to curb his enthusiasm in the future.

7. The Dating Game
Varun, Arjun or Sidharth? For the longest time, the Bhatt princess had the men of Bollywood on tenterhooks as she flitted from one co-star to the next before ending the love triangle by settling with Sidharth.
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