Wednesday, 14 June 2017

10 Secret Tips To Become The Best Boyfriend/Partner

When two people fall in love, they commit themselves to be there for each other. Keeping your love alive is an important aspect of this relation. It is not that efforts are to come from one end only both partners need give equal efforts in relationship to work further. It is true that due to romantic movie flicks many girls high expectation from their boyfriends. Sometimes boys feel it’s hard to live up to their expectations, but if you look at it closely all it takes is bit of some efforts to be your girl’s best boyfriend.
You can be the guy who should be able to sweep her off her feet, someone she can trust and love unconditionally. To keep the spark of love going and to become the boyfriend she always dreamed of, all you need to do follow some of these quick tips :

Surprise Her Every Now And Then

No guesses her, every woman loves pleasant surprises. Chocolates, roses or a surprise lunch at a beach, a surprise is not measured by it its price, it’s the feeling to catch her off guard. Don’t wait for an occasion to surprise her, give her little surprises every now and then surely your girl will appreciate your efforts and you will know this from her smile.

Make Her Opinions Count

Are you going out to spend the day out or stay home and watch a movie of her choice? Doing something of her choice, something which will be of her interest will make her feel special and she will know that her opinions matter to you.

Remind Her That You Love Her

Drop a text to her that you missing her or call her to tell her that you love her or come over to her office to pick her up. These small little gestures will be a reminder of your love to her, girls need that sense of reminder and assurance all the time. They eagerly wait for the time when you tell them what they want to hear.

Show Her Off

When you are among friends introduce your girlfriend to your friends, this small gesture of love will make her feel proud and she will know that you are proud of her.

Gift Her something Thoughtful

It’s not necessary that every time you buy her a gift, it's something usual, instead do some search on her interests and gift her something that she needs or has interest in. For example a home decor that she needed from a long time or a cook book if she loves cooking. This way she will know that you care for her.

Romantic Dates

Remember that your girl always had a dream of a romantic boyfriend. Let her live her dream with you, be the lovey dovey guy she always wanted. Do not wait to take her out just on her birthdays or anniversaries, instead, take her out for romantic dinner followed by a walk in a beach every now and then.

Cuddle Her

Girls like to be cuddled, so whether you watching a movie with her or taking a afternoon nap, cuddle your girl. Snuggling you might her favourite activity when she is with you, it will make her feel secure.

Take A Trip Down For a Weekend With Her

Take a trip with your girlfriend for a weekend to a nearby place or to a place that you two have never explored before, be creative and plan a visit to new destination. The idea is to do something new, a weekend together with your partner exploring a new place is always fun.

Be Playful With Her

Some pillow fights, tickling and sharing jokes are just some ways of you getting playful with your girlfriend. This will keep your relation lively and you both will share a good laugh and smile together.

Be Her Best Friend

Friendship is the foundation of the love the two of you share. Be her best friend, be the one with whom she can share her ups and sown, be a shoulder she can lean on when she feeling low, be there for her whenever she needs someone. Apart from this involve her in your personal, professional and family talks as well. This way two of you will have a stronger relation.
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