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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Watch Kamaal R Khan’s Complete Review on Baahubali – The Conclusion

Watch Kamaal R Khan’s Complete Review on Baahubali – The Conclusion

Kamaal R Khan is quite well-known personality in the Bollywood film industry for this controversies and comments on other celebrities. Often, we can see Khan making his presence on the social media and headlines truly for wrong reasons. In the recent times, i.e., on 28th April 2017, the popular director SS Rajamouli had released Baahubali 2, the magnum opus film across the world. Just like he does for other movies, KRK had posted his review of this film on his Twitter handle through some slamming tweets.
This actor cum producer from B-town speaks usually through his mind without adding any pretentious words. KRK is extremely active on social media particularly on Twitter. The enthusiasm of all the fans and movie buffs for this Baahubali film has finally come to an end on Friday. After watching the film, every single fan and the movie makers and all the celebrities from different film industries have started admiring Rajamouli for creating such an outstanding film. KRK made some idiosyncratic statements and tweets on Baahubali 2. Check it out!
See how KRK Criticized SS Rajamouli’s Making
While everyone is appreciating the hard work and efforts of the entire Baahubali 2 cast and crew, it appears like Kamaal R Khan had not satisfied with the performance and the story of the film. This movie critic has given his review on Baahubali – The Conclusion. After giving his final verdict, KRK gave 1 star rating for this film. Here are some of his tweets about Baahubali 2.
#Baahubali2 is the last South Indian film I have watched. I won’t watch any other south film ever again coz i m not born to watch Chutiyapa.
#Bahubali1 encouraged me to watch South Indian films n wahiyat #Baahubali2 made it sure that I will never watch any South Indian film again.
I give 1* to this wahiyat Ghatiya crap #Baahubali2 for making fool of public by fake hype. Watch my review at 5pm on YouTube
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I could have been very happy if #Baahubali1 created such a big history but I am sad that a crap #Baahubali2 is creating such history.
SouthIndian ppl nature reflects in their films so loud music, loud action, loud dance n over acting, means all films are full of Chutiyapa.
If some Hindi producers are taking Prabhas who looks like 🐫in their films then definitely they are idiots. #Baahubali is working not Prabhas

Sir @ssrajamouli today you have proved with #Baahubali2 that you are the greatest Chutiya director of the decade n our generation. Thanks

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