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Sunday, 7 May 2017


M.s Dhoni The untold story recently gathered much appreciation and broke all the records on the box office. Biopic movie showcased the struggled he did to get selected in Indian team and also covered some serious controversies regarding his captaincy. People seems satisfied but returned back with a question that why they have not shown his real brother Narendra  Singh Dhoni and it becomes most talked topic after the release. That leads to lose trust of audiences about authenticity of the story. So let’s read why they have not included his brother in this bopic story! Scroll down to have a look!

Everybody Knows That Narender Singh Dhoni Is Indulged In Politics

M.s Dhoni is not the one who increased the popularity of Ranchi, his brother has also contributed by joining the BJP IN 2009.

He Is Also A Sports Person!

He is not the one who is indulged in sports, Mr Narendra Singh Dhoni is also a sports person who presented his school in national level football matches.

He Said He Don't Hold Any Grudges!

As per him film is all about the struggled he made to reach Indian team and he is not holding any grudge for this, as the film is not about his personal life. He also said that his name wouldn't have been contributed to the success of M.s Dhoni untold story.

Narendra Dhoni is Elder Brother But Mahendra Singh Has His Own Talent

Narendra Dhoni and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are brothers but they don't have anything similar in them. M.s Dhoni got the success in the fields of cricket and team leading qualities whereas his brother stepped in politics which is quite different. Narendra said that in Dhoni's life he has importance in teaching lessons of life which is irrelevant to show in movie and he also said it would be difficult to show his role in the movie.

Narendra Singh Dhoni is A Great Fan Of His Brother

He is a great fan of his brother and always appraise his performances. He said he don't have any regret and he is indulged in politics. He also said they hardly get time to spend with each other but he love to see in playing in the television. He also talked about Dhoni's debut at Ranchi District senior tournament where he hit 4 fours in a row. So what do you think why he was not seen in the movie? According to me it doesn't matter as he has special importance in Dhoni's life.

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