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Friday, 5 May 2017

The Men’s rights group pleads to extend the triple talaq to all communities!

The Men’s rights group pleads to extend the triple talaq to all communities!

The Men power who are said to be tortured in the city comes out with a demand asking the authority to look after their demands. The most ardent supporter of All India Muslim personal Law Board had let a platform Hridaya where the men’s of the city can stand for their rights. The demand coming from these men is to extend the triple talaq system to all the communities in the country in order to save men and women from harassment. These men from the Men’s right group have held a Satyagrah on Rani Rashmoni Road in Central Kolkata on Saturday Morning to press for their demand.
Hridaya – A platform for men to stand for their rights!
 Moreover, these men stands firm for their rights to be proclaimed. However, recently the Super Court has passed the statement of no automatic arrests under Dowry Law. Talking about the Hridaya platform,  the platform consists of almost 5000 members in West Bengal and just 20 percent out of them are Muslims and rest belong to other casts. The statement related to Hridaya read,” Through this platform and Satyagrah, demands equal divorce law for all communities. Triple Talaq is one of the most simplistic separation marital procedure and the same needs to be extended to all communities. Hridaya is strongly against abolishing of triple talaq as the same world bring disharmony in the society.”
The convener of the Satyagrah, Suprotim Ghosh had recently said to HT,” Our decision has nothing to do with our Muslim menbers. We view triple talaq as a convenient, hassle free way of ending troublesome relationships where the breakdown in irreversible.” The demand for such pleads for extending the triple talaq in order to save men and women from harassments to all communities will likely said to be considered a bit outlandish. In the year 2012, the 19 percent of the total cases in India were registered under the controversial section.
When seen in depth of the matter, the State of West Bengal has the highest number of cases registered under IPC section 498A where the husband or the relative of the husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty.  Well we just have to wait for some legal confirmation coming for the demands made by the men of the city who came together rising a plead. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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