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Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Gulf-Paradise Dubai offers on Viral for Indians! Here’s what you need to know!

The Gulf-Paradise Dubai offers on Viral for Indians! Here’s what you need to know!

Here comes the good news to all the Indians who plans to visit the Gulf Paradise, Dubai either for business, shopping or holiday purpose.  We exclusively bring to you the news of the launch of the Visa-on-arrival for Indian citizens who simultaneously hold the United States visa or green card. The Visa for Dubai is given to such citizens only on arrival and not all for now. So, those hold a US visa or green card can now easily travel to the beautiful paradise without applying for the visa from before.
The On-arrival-visa In Dubai is valid for 2 weeks- 14 days and it can also be further extended to another 15 days via an application. The cost of the on-arrival-Dubai visa for Indians is also very less when compared to the actual Visa cost from India. It is only 120 Dirham that comes to roughly 2100 INR. Dubai is the more of non-parallel city that is said to have tall buildings, structures, beaches and much more that can be a perfect spot for your holiday these summers.
It’s the utmost luxury one can experience on making the visits.  A 5 day visit is enough to explore the city that includes the Fascinating places in Dubai.  You can see the beautiful glittering beaches located at the shores along with the Palm road which is just splendid creation of man. You can also see the Dubai Museum which has the huge collection of its cities documents and history of the emirates. The Burj Khalifa which is one of the must place to visit in Dubai and also is termed to be the tallest building on this planet. You need not book the tickets from here itself as you can buy yourself a ticket to enter the tallest building and have a life time experience.
You enjoy the ultimate VIP experience in Dubai and talking about the Dubai fountain, the dancing Dubai Fountain makes your evening a spectacular one with its stunning creations which is just beautiful to watch.  Then talking about adventures, Dubai has many addevntourous activities like Skydive, the Hot Air Balloon, Scuba Dive, Snorkeling and much more. It’s a perfect gift of paradise for those who love adventures.  In the most, the Dubai City is a mix of all that one might need to see for sure once in a life time.

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