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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Television Show Makers Seeking to Make Audience Fools with their Shocking Twists

Television Show Makers Seeking to Make Audience Fools with their Shocking Twists

What if a person marries a dead body? You will definitely think that the person might not be in his/her right senses. But, how about this show on Television wherein we can witness the same as mentioned earlier. There are several TV shows that we usually come across in our day to day life wherein the show makers try to make the viewers or audience a fool. In order to increase the ratings of the show, the makers will allure the audience in different ways.
Despite showing some scrap, the viewers will often give good ratings for some shows. Taking this as an advantage, the makers will take a chance like transforming a lead actress in housefly, making a gorilla to fall in love with lead actress. But, this is something more bizarre than any other unusual things that we usually confront in Hindi TV shows. The most eccentric thing is that the actress Helly Shah played the role of Devanshi in a show on Colors TV wherein the actress marries the dead body of Vardhan played by Mudit Nayar.
Bizarre Things Happening on Popular TV Shows
Devanshi is the popular TV show that telecasts on Colors TV. Since the year 2016, the show makers have started telecasting this serial. In this serial, Helly played the title role as Devanshi. In this serial, Devanshi and Vardhan decide to marry each other. Sadly, Vardhan dies on the day of their marriage while Devanshi waits for his arrival. She then turns out shocking after looking at the dead body of Vardhan on the horse. She then wishes to check out her fate and marries the corpse. God will then look at her strong determination astonishingly and gives life to Vardhan. This shows that the actresses on Indian TV shows and films are not less than great Sati Savithri.
Not only Devanshi, there are many other serials that shows unusual scenes on the TV. Sometimes, we couldn’t even believe whether such things happen in the world or not. In other serial Zindagi Ki Mehak, we have seen that Shaurya met with an accident but, due to some supernatural power of this person, he won’t even get hurt after that accident. We can only see some black ash marks on his face and no other injuries. We too agree that killing the lead actor doesn’t look good but there must be some meaningfulness while taking such scenes. There are many other TV shows like Thapki Pyar Ki, Pehredar Piya Ki and many more upcoming shows that will leave your mouth wide open out of astonishment.

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