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Saturday, 6 May 2017

S.S Rajamouli Accolades Prabhas for his Utmost Dedication for his Dream Project

S.S Rajamouli Accolades Prabhas for his Utmost Dedication for his Dream Project

SS Rajamouli is the major phenomenon behind the grand success of this film. Both Rajamouli and Prabhas have set a fire in the Tollywood film industry with their remarkable making and stellar performance in both the series of Baahubali. If we consider Baahubali as a dream of Rajamouli then Prabhas turned out as the originator. The mastermind Rajamouli has started this spectacular work with their outstanding combination. This hard work of the duo has enhanced the respect and love on them among the audience in and across the globe.
The dedication of the entire cast and crew of Baahubali is one side and the utmost dedication of Prabhas is extremely top-notch. It is speechless for common people to speak about the dedication and determination of driving the movie towards success. It is truly appreciable for the actor as he hadn’t signed any other films for about 5 years except Baahubali. He had completely focused his vision and fantasy on Baahubali for 5 years along with Rajamouli. He had a great ambition of justifying the dream of Rajamouli. He wished to place all his energies and complete efforts into turning out Baahubali as a big achievement.
Rajamouli Reveals Shocking News about Prabhas
During an exclusive interview of SS Rajamouli with NTV Telugu, the director spoke about the dedication and commitment of Prabhas for this film. Before beginning the film Baahubali, the rebel star Prabhas had witnessed 3 consecutive hits with the films Billa, Darling and Mr. Perfect. Many of the Indian producers have started following him to put money on him. But, he had totally emphasized his vision on Baahubali, the dream project of S.S. Rajamouli. The actor also directed his manager not to ask for additional payments from the producers. Instead, he told him to accept whatever they gave him for his work.
The director revealed some shocking news about Prabhas. Many of the websites have posted articles saying that Prabhas received huge amount of remuneration for this film Baahubali. In fact, the actor had to spend some time with financial predicament during the making of this film. The director had once again called him back when Prabhas had experienced difficulty to earn money. Apart from the movie offers, the actor also refused to act in advertisements valued Rs 10 crores. This dedication of Prabhas had truly spell-bounded the director and now the readers too.

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