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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Shocking: You’ll Never Guess About these 9 Famous Celebrities Ancestors!

The Brightness of fame always shines high on these people. But No one known that how much their ancestors were famous than these celebrities are? So lets check out Some shocking and interesting facts about 9 famous Stars from the reports of Genealogy and gathered the most Inquisitive examples in this list.

1. Beyonce and Gustav Mahler

Its brings out that Beyonce has Austrian roots. She is distantly allied to well known Austrian Composer and conductor of the 19th century, Gustav Mahler. So It is cleared now from where Beyonce got her musical Gifts.

2.Cindy Crowford and Ernest Hemingway

Cindy Crowford is related from tremedous writer Ernest Hemingway. This top model is quite fortuitous in her pure blood and recently found out that she is also distant relative of Charles the Great

3. Robin Pattinson and Count Dracula

Now this is extra-ordinary fact about Robin Pattinson, who played fabulous part of Edward cullen in “Twilight series” and now he shared his Shadowy – Vampiric past. Robin is distant relative of Vlad the Impaler who is also known as Vlad III Dracula. Thats why Robin is perfect for Edward Role.

4. George Clooney and Abraham Lincoln

The brilliant actor George Clooney And Abraham Lincoln who is recognized as US National Hero are actually Related from each other, admitting distantly. This is proven that their blood relation comes from Abraham Lincoln’s Grand mother on his mother side, Names Lucy Hanks !

5. Jhonny Depp and Queen Elizabeth II

Now brings out that this Hollywood Darling Jhonny Depp is distant relative of British Queen Elizabeth II because they both are progeny of King Edward III. The tie of Blood relation have been found by BBC investigation.

6. BrookeShield and Henry IV of France

Do you know from where the finesse and nobility comes to Brooke? This Model recently find out that her ancestors are none other than the Great King of France – Henry IV, who was the first Monarch of the House of Bourbon.

7.Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard III of England

Benedict is a distant relative of Richard III of England, Who was the last of the House of Plantagenets, Written about by Shakespeare. Who Knows that is just a coincidence or not but Benedict is the one who is chosen to portrays King Richard in tv series “The Hollow Crown : The war of Roses “.

8. Madonna, Celine Dion, and Camilla, Dutches of Cornwall

Now time to reveal the secret of ostensibly timeless and boundless youth and beauty of these ladies. Both Singers Madonna and Celine are related to Camilla Parker, the second spouse of Prince Charles. And also they have common ancestor : Zacharie Cloutier who was a French Carpenter.

9. Brad Pitt and Barak Obama

This is shocking to know that Hollywood Heart breaker and Last US president Mr. Barak Obama are cousins. The fact is they both are related to same ancestor from their blood relation starts with a man called ‘ Edwin Hickman, Who was born in 1690.

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