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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

SHOCKING! These 9 Before And After VFX Scenes From Baahubali 2 Will Leave You Stunned

The blockbuster movie baahubali 2 has earned well over 1500 crores by now. This epic movie by ss rajamouli has earned well over 1000 crores in India itself.But, have you ever thought about the wonderful vfx effects in this great movie?
Many war scenes look epic only because of the great vfx team behind the success of baahubali 2.The epic scale of mahismati empire or the famous bull fight scene all has been possible only.
The accumulation keeps on swelling while the entire country is going gaga over this fabulous visual treat. Indeed, SS Rajamouli had an incredible vision, however, the majority of the credit goes to the VFX group that made “Baahubali” the seething achievement it is today.
National honor victor V. Srinivas Mohan was the VFX administrator of ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’, while R.C Kamala Kannan chipped away at the second portion.
More than 35 studios worldwide were a piece of the “Baahubali” travel. Truth be told, it was accounted for that the VFX group had a considerable measure on their plate and they finished the after generation work only 10 days before its release.
Because of vfx magic We present to you ten such stunning before and after VFX effects scenes from baahubali.

1. Our favourite Prabhas Baahubali

2. Mahishmati Empire from inside.

3. Rana Daggubati angry mood.

4. War scene.

5. Baahubali flying in war.

6. Tamannah is followed by Prabhas Baahubali.

7. Broken wrist.

8. Baby Baahubali VFX effects.

9. The elephant.

We hope this epic movie by ss rajamouli goes on to earn well over 2000 crores finally. Good luck to prabhas, rana duggubati and ss rajamouli from all fans.

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