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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Shah Rukh Khan’s Witty Reply, When a Fan Asked How is 1+1=3, Is Breaking The Internet!

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan is known in B-Town for his cracking remarks and witty responses to questions catapulted at him. He has a very refreshing sense of humour which never fails to tingle the funny bones among his fans and foes alike. Shah Rukh Khan is not only a very versatile actor but is extremely dynamic and socially active.
Shah Rukh Khan held a #AskSRK post on twitter to reconnect with his fans and media where he was at his candid best and very casual. King Khan was seen dealing with some very funny questions from his fans with amazing replies.
One such tweet was, when a  fan asked Shah Rukh Khan a quick question! How is 1+1=3???

Fans keep posting such “tedhe medhe” questions to their celebrities but who would have thought that ‘Mr. Fan’ would actually end up receiving a reply from Shah Rukh Khan.
Most celebrity want to be as close as possible to their fans, therefore they have become very active on these social media sites to be able to talk to their fans and these question and answer rounds between celebrities and their fans is becoming increasingly popular.
Shah Rukh Khan decided to give a sensible twist to the question and knowingly or unknowingly sent out a very powerful message. Check out the tweet below;
King Khan wrote, “If u don’t use protection I guess.”
What a reply and what an amazing message by SRK, the actor explained that if a couple did not used contraceptive protection, then 1+1 would be 3 during physical intimacy. SRK proved wit is beyond everything!!
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