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Is Priyanka Chopra dating Nick Jonas? Jimmy Kimmel is very, very sure it is true, watch video

priyanka chopra, priyanka chopra jimmy kimmel show, priyanka chopra jimmy kimmel, priyanka chopra nick jonas,Priyanka Chopra could not stop laughing as Jimmy Kimmel asked her about Nick Jonas. 
As Priyanka Chopra met Jimmy Kimmel once again on his show, he had one very pertinent question to ask: Is Priyanka Chopra dating Nick Jonas with whom she attended Met Gala? As we dealt with deja vu — didn’t the world think Priyanka was dating Tom Hiddleston when she gave away an award with him — this was one question we needed answered. Because, is Priyanka dating Nick, or anybody at all? As proof, Jimmy Kimmel showed her the picture where she is seen posing with singer Nick Jonas in a mini bus. Kimmel was curious to know what the Quantico actor was doing with the “11-year-old singer”. He even asked her if she was dating Nick and if she really is, then does she know how old the singer is? To this Priyanka explained, “Firstly, I arrived at the MET Gala in a minibus since the trench coat was 23 feet long and secondly, Nick was there with me because he too was wearing a Ralph Lauren creation.”
On this, the host with a perfect comic timing, asked, “So what? You decided like hey look we are wearing the same designer, let’s go together?” Laughing at Jimmy’s funny banter, Priyanka replied saying, “We were sitting at a table together and we do know each other. So he was like ‘Hey, you wanna go together?’ And I was like yeah, OK, let’s go together. And it worked out.”
Watch Priyanka Chopra at Jimmy Kimmel’s show

But Jimmy Kimmel didn’t let the chance to pull Priyanka’s leg further as he said, “You know when one day you will be considered for the director of FBI, you will be subjected to a polygraph test. And I am gonna make sure they are all Nick Jonas related questions.”
In case you are wondering where the FBI director’s position came up from, it has to do with Priyanka’s show Quantico. Welcoming Priyanka on his show for the second time, Jimmy started off with her TV series Quantico where she plays an FBI agent, Alex Parrish. He asked the actor, “If President Donald Trump calls Alex Parrish to come on board as the director of FBI, will Parrish join?” Priyanka promptly replied, “Alex Parrish might but Priyanka Chopra might not be able to as we discussed earlier I am not an American.”
With so many memes going around Priyanka’s MET Gala attire, how could Jimmy Kimmel miss the golden opportunity of poking fun at his guest? Initially, Jimmy praised Priyanka for wearing a spectacular dress at MET Gala 2017. He even told her that he has never seen a trench coat longer than this. But as Priyanka tried to explain the entire theme and concept behind the Ralph Lauren creation, Kimmel joked how he didn’t understand a single word Priyanka said.
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As Jimmy showed her the after party dress photo, Priyanka revealed how just three days before the event she asked the designer to make a short mini inside the dress to prevent herself from all the effort of lugging around the trench coat.
Talking a bit about Priyanka’s Hollywood debut Baywatch, Priyanka said that while shooting for Baywatch, she didn’t get a chance to meet Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff but she did get a call from the latter. Jimmy once again teased Priyanka as he said, “I bet he did. But what was he calling you for?” “He loves Indian movies and that’s the sole reason why he called me.” Jokingly, Jimmy asked her,”Does he love Indian movies or he loves this Indian’s movies? A confident Priyanka said, “It is the latter.” Baywatch hits the screen on May 25.
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