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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Goan house much older than Taj Mahal, opens doors for you!

Goan house much older than Taj Mahal, opens doors for you!
We bring you exclusive news that might put your jaws down and rethink about it once again.  In the quiet village of the Loutolim, South Goa, there is a Goan house named Figueiredo that has all the price of the place. This house is said to be very old and is said to be the house of 1590 after 80 years where the Portuguese arrived in Goa. During that era, the first occupants moved in the house and it looked to be a different place. It was the time when Shakespeare just began to write plays, Galileo was yet to argue that the Sun did not go around the earth and back home. The house is very old of the time where Emperor Akbar was taking control over many parts of India.
Almost after 400 years, we now get a privilege to live in the house for 2-3 days as the house has opened the doors for us. The house is beautiful with loving restored walls has a great amount of history. The owners of the House, the Figueiredo family is said to be contributing so much to Goa as the family menbers were lawyers, diplomats, ambassadors, menbers of the Portuguese parliament and much more. With all these, we can definitely say that the house is full of secrets.
The house also has a Figueiredo Museum along with many huge rooms with antique furniture flow along with beautiful Chandeliers of the Belgian crustal finely porcelain and carved furniture.  The grand and ancient house has now been turned into a homestay by opening 5 of its many rooms for the guests to use. The house is full of warm embrace and you find long corridors of stones and tiles along with old vases and jars standing near the attention of the passage.
The 5 rooms is said to be renovated with AC and modern bathrooms and the Rom, loutolim, salcete, Goa costing RS 4000 including breakfast and meals like Goan, Portuguese’s or continental as per request. The room is avaible for booking on the official website and s the rooms are very limited, you should start booking if you wish to stay in the house full of history and get to know out few secrets if possible and you could be lucky. You can also enjoy the village walk along with nearby spot of interest and have a historic stay.

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