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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Flights get delayed due to weather problems and many Tweets It to be hijacked!

Flights get delayed due to weather problems and many Tweets It to be hijacked!

The news: these days are people are very constraint in using the social networking sites where they can directly interact with the personalities they want. People these days need have have a sense of education on their posts they tweet as if they owe a Twitter account does not really mean that they can post anything they like. Nobody has got any right to just posy anything they think to happen rather than just being confirmed about it and then post. A Jet Airways passenger Nitin was travelling where his Delhi bound flight was delayed and diverted to Jaipur. The reason behind is that the weather in Delhi was bad and to ensure the safety of the passengers, the flight was diverted.
Passenger Nitin Tweets Narendar Modi!
The flight got delayed for 3 hours and the passengers started to lose their cool when one passenger Nitin tweets Narendar Modi saying, ”narendramodi Sir we have been in jet airways flight for past 3 hours looks like hijacked, pl help 9W355.” This man has showed the level on insanity by tweeting that his flight was hijacked for behind delayed for 3 hours. The man could have taken the step forward to ask the flight attendants about the reason of delay but he did not do so.
The Indian Security authorities on reading the Tweet took it very seriously and went of declaring high alert at the Jaipur airport. The entire situation created a kiosk just because of Nitin’s tweet and the matter had everybody’s attention. As per the Standard operating Procedures, the Jet Airways did alert the authorities after reading the tweet and ensured them the actual reason of delay. They also further educated Nitin about the delay and tweeted,” @nitinvarma5n @ narendramodi Hi Nitin, our flight 9W 355 has been delayed due to air traffic congestion at Delhi.” Another tweet from Jet Airways,”@nitinvarma5n @ narendramodi we are awaiting ATC clearance. We will have you on your way asap.”
Later on, the entire matter was cleared and people who seemed to read Nitin’s tweet not impressed by this action and started to troll him on Twitter for his unethical way of spreading false alarm and causing fake panic. This tweet made by Nitin was really stupid of him and people feel that he should be booked right away for causing an unnecessary panic.

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