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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Few amazing things from 90’s that kids of today think are dumb!

Few amazing things from 90’s that kids of today think are dumb!

If you are 90’s born, then you can totally relate to this article Iam writing. In this article, I will mention about few amazing things we used to do as 90’s kids and enjoy doing them and the kids of today’s generation think that all these things are dumb. I bet as 90’s kid you will totally have a refresh of beautiful memories. Have a look at the list of such amazing things.
  • Playing with the pop ups and waiting it to get pooped and enjoy out of it. The beautifully colored pop ups remember those?
  • While playing the game solitaire on the computer, you would mix all the things to choose a new card to play the game. Solitaire was the best card game played by the kids at 90’s.
  • Catching of a tennis ball in colorful round shape catchers was the coolest things ever invented in 90’s and we as kids used to enjoy playing with it.
  • The cute and colorful little clacker thing was very fun to play with for hours together and not getting bored out of it.
  • Finding the fun in a jar full of slime and feeling happy after looking at it. Though would not eat it all at once.
  • As 90’s kid we would love to try the famous amateur graphic designer and used to paint our own talent.
  • It was fun spinning on the funny suckers round about it and then rotating clock wise was also fun.
  • The 90’s kids would enjoy more than iPhones by using the fevicol and making it an artificial skin out of it and then peeling it out once it got dried.
  • Stocking pins in fingers was also some kind of amazing thing to do when bored.
  • To sit on the small trolley trays and scrolling on it all over the house was the ultimate fun the 90’s kids used to have and they need not have the smartphones to keep them busy at that time.
  • The play station demo disc was repeated again and again as we as 90; s kid did not had the chance of buying own games.
  • Remember the fishing rotating plastic game where you had to collect the fish with one hand was so much fun at that time.

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