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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Dhoni plays with the cute little Kid of Imran Tahir and this becomes the news!

Dhoni plays with the cute little Kid of Imran Tahir and this becomes the news!

The world is all attracted to the stardom and people associated with the stardom become the public figure and anything they do becomes the news and talk of the town.  To justify my saying I bring it you the exclusive news where the brilliant and favoritism man, MS Dhoni was captured with his other side on the camera and that become the news.  The rising Pune Supergiant player, MS Dhoni was on his another venue tp play his next IPL match. He was at the airport with his team and all gearing up to rock their best in the next match on the fields.
MS Dhoni was spotted playing with the South African cricketer, Imran Tahir’s son ay the airport lounge and three of them were spotted sitting on the ground playing with the kid. The Junior Tahir is a big time fan of MS Dhoni and he is said to be learning the best from him. On the other side, MS Dhoni without giving a dam care about his stardom has sat down at the airport lounge and was seen playing with the little kid who seems to be having fun playing with Father Tahir and Dhoni.

There are few videos that were capturing these wonderful and adorable moments of Mahi and the son playing at the ground of the airport lounge. You can now check these adorable videos getting viral on the social media sites and see the other and normal side of MS Dhoni who is probably winning all the hearts. The simplicity of the legend is clearly seen in the videos where he not bothering about stardom is engaged is playing and having fun with Tahir and his son.
MS Dhoni gives the ultimate pleasure to see him play on grounds and his off ground actions also makes people to fall for him. Dhoni is a man of modesty and he proves it all many times without needing any words to describe it rather the action does it all. Talking about the VIVO IPL 2017, the tournament is been playing with Great Spirit and all the teams are battling up to reach on top. Currently, the Pune Rising team is seen jiving between the matches to score well and make the most this year in the IPL. For more updates stay tuned.

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