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Thursday, 4 May 2017

“Chal na Katrina” Says Priyanka, the Baywatch beauty

“Chal na Katrina” Says Priyanka, the Baywatch beauty

“Chal Na Katrina” says Priyanka, the Baywatch Victoria Leeds. Victoria Leeds is the character, Priyanka is playing in her Hollywood Movie Baywatch. She is the hot but dangerously Bad lady indulged in drug dealing.
The recent released video of her movie in Hindi she used those lines in a sequence. In the actual English sequence her scripted words were “Easy, Britney”. She replaced Britney with Katrina in the hindi version of her Hollywood flick. It sounds funny and strange too; but what she utter those lines when she was giving her voice for the video.
Though Priyanka has remained quite active in Hollywood for some time but Baywatch is the actual Debut movies for her. Prior to this we have seen her doing Music Videos and one of the TV Soap “Quantico”. The other stars of the movies Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron and few more hot beauties of Hollywood. She has played a character of a lady with dual business interests and can go to any extent for her gains. She actually runs a malicious business of drug dealing in a disguised manner in the cover of a club owner at the beach. She has an alluring and sultry style to accomplish her objective and uses her staffs even for her malicious gain.
So what was she thinking while taking Katrina’s name in her Hindi dubbed version of the video. She reveals that she couldn’t have taken Britney’s name the video is for Indian public. In actual video she takes Britney’s name which had to be replaced by some other iconic female of Britney’s kind of fame in the mind of Indians. She said that she find Katrina to have that glorious image in the mind of her fans and others. She considers Katrina to be an Iconic figure in Indian context like Britney couldn’t think of anyone else fitting so appropriate.
Priyanka told media that she really likes Katrina. She reveals that prior to using her name she took Katrina’s permission over a text for that. Katrina was okay with the use of her name in Priyanka’s movie. She added that this turn out to be so funny and full of humour that she continued laughing for long.

Priyanka is on a brief trip to India and trying to utilised more of her time. She has successfully bagged three Bollywood movies for her further engagement in Indian Cinemas. We wish her all the best for her Hollywood Baywatch.

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