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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Burn Calories while you Nap at Gym: Napping Classes as a Stress Buster

Burn Calories while you Nap at Gym: Napping Classes as a Stress Buster

Anything could be possible in today’s world of surprises. What do you think of a Gym? Is this a place to do push ups, crunches, running on treadmills and other such workouts or for Sleeping? Well! Too much of your surprises, there is one Gym in the UK which gives you an opportunity to sleep in its cozy environment. If you don’t find a sound sleep at your home enjoy sleeping there with strangers in the same room; of course all on separate beds.
Dear friends now the time has come to pay for your napping too. Yes, you have got the chance for spending money in a sleepy way by paying money for napping. Let’s understand how this luxurious Gymming works and what’s there to offer you.
In the UK a Gym called  David Lloyd Clubs located in Sidcup has initiated this Napping Classes for Adults. They call this program “ Nap Ercise”. In this program, the club is providing a 45 minutes Nap for the members. Prior to the nap, a 15 minutes of stretching workout is provided to all. The Napping session takes place in a room with a right temperature with all strangers sleeping by your side. The Gym says that taking a short Nap during the day full of a hectic schedule is actually a stress buster. Not only this they also believe that this kind of routine has the potential to burn your calories. The other benefits of such exercises are stable moods with improvements, higher productivity in the work area and a focussed mind.
The logic given by the Gym that a regular napping for such a time during the day sounds convincing but paying for that is your discretion. There is a science behind this logic. Our body is a machine and it needs rests in regular intervals for higher productivity. A short and sound break is always beneficial for your mind and body.
A study was done by Allegheny College, Pennsylvania says that the 45 minutes of Nap during your working hours in the day can help you to handle stress better which is not possible in absence of it. Another institution UC Berkeley opines that afternoon nap has the ability to increase your brain’s learning capacity.
However, these Napping classes are being run on a trial basis. If it succeeds they will be starting the membership platform of it and accordingly fees will be attached to the membership.

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