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Friday, 5 May 2017

Brother-Sister’s Deep Emotions; Lava Relived the Great Bonding

Brother-Sister’s Deep Emotions; Lava Relived the Great Bonding

There are many relationships you might have lived but the relationship between a brother and a sister is the most beautiful one. The beauty of the relation remains as it is throughout the life. Both of them moves ahead in their respective lives but when they are together they are always like their childhood kiddos fighting and caring each other with same passion.
Lava has relived the bonding of this relationship with the video shared on social media. The Caption is “Dil Ki Baat” with line that sometimes words are not enough to describe Brother-Sister relationship. How true it is?  Watch the video and you will realize it not without tear drops falling down from your eyes. You might take a bit come back to the real world.
The Video shows a Sister visiting to her Brother’s place. There’s a nice homely depiction of the first set up of the video of the house yard where the sister is managing all dried up cloths while brother is getting a shaving done with a barber. Then suddenly their mother calls to know whether the sister (chhoti) has made “Puri” for her Bro or not and in reply the Chhoti says that she prepared Poha as Bhaiya wanted. She put the phone on her brother’s ears to make her mother talked to him, because he was shaving. The brother confirms her safe arrival to his mother.
The climax of the Video reached at its helm at the scene of Raksha Bandhan. Chhoti puts the auspicious tika on her brother’s broad forehead and feed him Laddoo and some parts of it drops on his shirt. She removes all quickly and the tears drops from the brothers eyes with the words that he can’t even bless her. The camera then focussed on his shoulders which were nor there. The movie was suggestive enough that he lost his both arms while serving for the country as a defence person. The moment she finds her brother weak with his inability, she just missed to look at his brother watery eyes for few seconds at collect herself with strength to tell him that he can still give her money and pulled out the money from his pocket.
Such an emotional video that will make you truly wish to relive all your moments with your brother or sister. The last line of the video is suffice to realize your state of mind of mind that some relationships are stronger than Raksha Bandhan thread and never let you down.

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