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Saturday, 6 May 2017

5 Things you must better evade After a Meal

5 Things you must better evade After a Meal

5 Things you must better evade After a Meal
Most of the people have a variety of habits in their daily life. In this busy schedule of each and every individual, people find it quite difficult to do their things leisurely. People do some things in a wrong way. Some of the things like taking a shower after eating, brewing tea after a meal and a lot more. If you still continue doing things wrongly then, it could eventually harm your health. In this post, we have included a list of 5 things that people must avoid after having their meal. Have a look!
  1. Brewing Tea after Meal
Usually, people have a habit of consuming tea after their meal. As per the studies, it is not good to brew tea after eating food. It could meddle with the absorption of iron. This mineral shows massive impact on the human body. There are some specific people who must avoid drinking tea after eating. People like pregnant women, kids and people who had deficit iron in their body must evade drinking tea. They can take it one hour after the consumption of the food.
  1. Workouts
Some people are quite conscious about their health. They often spare their time for workouts in order to maintain their physique and health as well. Some of them will begin their workout right after their meal so as to digest their food. But, it is not good for health to do workout after a meal. If you do so then, it will put much load on your complete stomach. It will eventually cause some kind of discomfort in your stomach and causes nausea and hiccups as well. It is better to just constrain yourself to a normal walk for some time. After 2 hours of consuming food, you can start your workout.
  1. Bathing after meal
Some people will hurry to work and consume their food. Immediately, they go for a shower so as to best utilise their time. In general, whenever you take a shower, it will increase the temperature of your body. In such a case, the body will send additional blood to their skin than normal. If you bath after meal, it will disturb your digestion process and slowdowns the metabolism process. We often recommend to bath 30 minutes after consuming your meal.
  1. Sleeping after meal
If you sleep after your meal, it could cause some inconveniences in your body. Some of the discomforts like heartburning sensation, burping and increased levels of acidity. If you sleep regularly after every meal, it will enhance the risk of heart stroke sometimes. We suggest you to go to bed 2 hours after eating.
  1. Smoking
Naturally smoking could damage your health. But, if you take it after your meal, it will show massive impact on your digestive system. The tobacco in the cigarette will hinder the assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

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