Sunday, 14 May 2017

5 most hilarious Optical Illusion of all time !

Photos are clicked for capturing memories . Everything which has a good side must have a bad side contradictory to it . But , in this case there is no bad side to clicking photos but there is a funny side towards photos to capture some of your favourite memories . Every single thing in this world can go wrong and this phrase applies to photographs as well . Alright, so there are pictures which are clicked by somebody else or yourself which may be embarrassing at some point of time in your life when you go through your old pictures to relive old and gold memories . These are not only hilarious but also awkward.

#1) ZebraGirl .

This picture is clicked while a girl was sitting over a Zebra in such a position that it seems like the woman has half of her body as that of a zebra.
#2) It’s a thumb , dude.
Ok so what is that ? You see something a little awkward with the girl. It is actually the thumb of the person who is holding a beer in his hand. What did your dirty mind think ?
#3) Optical Illusion
Did you see a guy coming from the back and hugging the girl who is reading a book . Congratulations then , you have been tricked yet again by another optical illusion . Let me help you with the actual thing happening in this picture, which is that the boy is in the black t-shirt and the girl in a pink t-shirt is hugging the boy from the back . Confusing right ?
#4) Big Hands for this lady ?
Well, until aliens come to this planet nobody this planet can have such long hands so what is it at first place . That is another illusion clicked by the camera which shows the hands of the girl to be so big but in reality it isn’t .
#5) Huge Birds
Imagine birds in 20 feet tall and then flying around the whole city . Must be even more dangerous than alien inventions . But by God’s grace this picture is just an Illusion and a bird so big had not yet been found. The bird is actually closer to the camera and the person is very far away and hence it lead to such an illusion .
Thank You for reading . Hope you have a nice day .
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