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Friday, 5 May 2017

13 Bizarre Things You Will Only See in China

13 Bizarre Things You Will Only See in China

13 Bizarre Things You Will Only See in China
China is one of the rapidly developed countries in the world. These days, people have been using China branded devices as they are pretty much affordable for all the customers across the globe. We often come across some unexpected things to happen in China that will make the whole world stare at it. In each country, we can find something weird. Similarly, there are copious weird things in China than we actually think about China. Check out the 13 bizarre things you will only see in China. Have a look!
  1. Geese Replaced Police Dogs
Usually, the Police in any country makes use of dogs to find out the robbers. But, in some specific locations in the country, the Police in China make use of Geese instead of the dogs. The reason behind their usage is that in general, birds will have great vision power and massive offensive behavior. This, in turn, helps the police in finding out the thieves in the best way.
  1. Teabucks – Starbucks Replica
In China, we can see Teabucks quite similar to the Starbucks restaurant in America. Just like numerous outlets of Starbucks across the country, we can see a chain of Teabucks outlets in several areas of China. In Teabucks, we can see a wide range of hot and cold tea refreshments.
  1. Fresh Air for Sale
In China, we can see a bizarre thing wherein we can purchase fresh air for sale. They will sell fresh air in bottles available in a variety of flavors. This is because; there are huge smog levels across the country.
  1. Old Stone Forest
We can see the astonishing 270 million-year-old stone forest in China. This site belongs to UNESCO World Heritage and has huge stone formations from 270 million years back.
  1. Pajamas in Public
Usually, people in China prefer to wear Pajamas and roam the streets.
  1. Ghost Cities
In China, there are bounteous ghost cities and shopping malls emerged in the country due to rapid resident marketing.
  1. Ghost Marriages
We can see a weird thing of making weddings to dead young people. Their families will purchase their corpses for some dollars and holds marriages.
  1. Safety Nets
In China, some of the companies will hang protective nets all over the building so as to hinder the suicide attempts of some employees.
  1. Live Crabs for Sale
In China, we can purchase live crabs in some plastic boxes through vending machines.
  1. Sharks & Crocodiles for Sale
Some of the stores in China sell some parts of whole Sharks and Crocodiles.
  1. Traffic Jam Substitutes
If you caught in a traffic jam, there is an awesome service available in China. People can make a call to specific service and ask for two persons. One of them will carry you on a motorcycle and the other person will look at your car.
  1. Farming of Cockroaches
In China, the breed of Cockroaches is utilized in some of the medicines during the manufacture. It is one of the popular business will less investment.
  1. People decline to Move for New Buildings
In some of the locations, the residents will decline to give their place for new construction.

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