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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Woman Caught Taking “Cheeky” Selfie In A Public Park In Broad Daylight

When I saw this post, only one thing came to my mind, What is Photoshop for? She could have easily clicked picture at home and replaced the background with a public park, no? I mean, if she is so desperate for the picture outside and get likes on social media, she could have done it this way as well. It isn't like it was her "To-Do" list before she gets married or something, or was it?

Trying to be a selfie queen?

Who would have thought 10 years ago, that the selfie craze would be so extensive that girls would want to get selfies at strange places in strange positions? People are there jumping from buildings, from moving trains and the most dangerous places ever.

This woman caught in a park.

But I had never thought (nor you would have) that girls are going to shed their clothes in broad daylight and then take a "cheeky" selfie. This woman posed for the picture in a t-shirt and thong. With her pushed up shirt and her pants down her calves, it is strange how she wanted her picture to be viral.

Maybe doing it for a boyfriend?

It could have been a lover she was taking the pictures for, as after she clicked several in that pose, she put her pants back on and went off. Easily, it could be her craving for a lover to get a piece of her and that she wanted him to know about her "wild" side.

Her cell phone was only at arm's length.

In the video, after she is done, she uses her cellphone to probably send those to the friend, who "dared" her to make such a scene. I mean, who had a camera up on the tree in a public park? I guess, someone knew of its happening, no?

Check out the video here of the crazy girl.

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