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Saturday, 15 April 2017

What People Show Versus What People Really Feel on Being Asked out on Valentine's Day

Yes, Valentine's Day is a lot of pressure! You have to tolerate all those canoodling couples doing revoltingly mushy stuff if single, face pressure to have a romantic time if in a relationship, the pressure of decoding signals (sometimes mixed) if you're a wannabe-in-a-relationship… Well here’s some help: a primer to decode what he or she is really feeling (as opposed to what he/she is saying):
“Let me just get back to you on that”
If this is what she said when you asked her out, this is the reason: Can’t appear desperate! So the reply has to be: “Let me just check” or “I think my friend already made plans” which loosely translates as “I have zero plans and am dying to go out with you”. She will probably say yes!
“Valentine's Day is so commercial these days”
What she probably means is that she didn’t get the number of cards/flowers/hearts/gifts/ask-outs she had hoped for; what he probably means is that he doesn’t want to waste a bunch of money on all that ‘meaningless’ (translation ‘that-costs-a-lot-of-money’) stuff. 
“I got so many anonymous wishes/cards/gifts”
If he or she said this, they probably meant that (absolutely) no one loves them or if someone loves them, they are so objectionable and undesirable that he or she would die rather than admit to being the object of affection for someone so objectionable/undesirable.
“I’m not seeing anyone right now”
Just before asking you out, he or she or she said this! Well, you want to be sure that they didn’t mean that they are stalking someone secretly on Facebook, sending them WhatsApp messages all day and all night or flirting with 5 others on Tinder! 
“I’m waiting for that someone special”
Maybe he or she really is waiting for that someone special to come along; maybe they are just letting you down easy; maybe what they are really saying is; Dude, aukat mein reh!
“Maybe it’s not a good idea”
Again, they are probably being polite; what they really mean is “my boy/girl friend is right behind you”… jaan bachake bhaag, munna!
“Accepts the SILK and nods”
Nods her head; doesn’t say much… BUT! She may be doing cartwheels; inside she may be thinking “YES YES YES! HE GOT ME A SILK, HE’S THE BEST” and “he got me my favourite chocolate…. He really, really cares!” We are all a little silly like that aren’t we?  And Valentine's Day is one day to indulge in a little of that silliness? Because this is Silk! When people accept it, you know they love it... and YOU!

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