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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

This Picture Of Deepika And Neetu Kapoor’s Is Going Viral For All Kind Of Reasons

This Picture Of Deepika And Neetu Kapoor’s Is Going Viral For All Kind Of Reasons
Some years back, the gorgeous actress Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor allegedly maintained their relationship. As per some sources, the couple split with each other because of the wooing nature of Ranbir Kapoor. Earlier, there were some rumours about Neetu Kapoor, the mother of Ranbir Kapoor that she never ever truly liked Deepika Padukone. It doesn’t indicate that they never speak with each other. In recently organised Awards events, Deepika spotted quite close with Neetu Kapoor.
At the recently held HT Style Awards event held in Mumbai previously, we have spotted Neetu Singh Kapoor and Deepika Padukone conversing with one another. Despite their broke up, Deepika has some good relationship with her ex-beau’s mother Neetu. After seeing their closeness, some of them assumed that Deepika Padukone still have some love feelings for Ranbir Kapoor. In a photograph of Neetu and Deepika, we can see both of them smiling and gossiping with each other.
Funny Conversation between Neetu & Deepika
This picture went viral now and media started their speculations behind their gossiping. We are actually unaware about the conversation between Neetu Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. However, this photo has come up with new speculations and it has gone viral on the internet. This picture is raking down huge storm on the social networking websites. Deepika FC Official has shared this photo on her Twitter handle with the caption ‘The gorgeous @deepikapadukone with Neetu Kapoor at the #HTMostStylish’.
Here’s a little snippet of their (alleged) conversation:
Deepika: Hi, Neetu Ji
Neetu ji: Hi, beta
Deepika: How is Katrina?
Neetu ji: LOL (Loads of Laugh). You’re witty beta.
Deepika: Thank you, aunty. You look gorgeous.
Neetu ji: You’re too generous, beta.
Deepika: How’s Ranbir? Football, Video games!
Neetu ji: You have guessed it correctly beta. I’ve abandoned searching for a bahu now.
Deepika: I have finally got my L’Oreal contract aunty!
Neetu ji Wow, beta. Congratulations!
Deepika: Thanks aunty. Amit ji is calling me…
As of now, Deepika is in relationship with Ranveer Singh. We are quite worried for Ranveer Singh. Will the closeness between Deepika and Neetu affects the relationship between Deepika and her current beau Ranveer Singh.

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