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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Some Vintage Bollywood Photos You Would Not Believe Exist

Some Vintage Bollywood Photos You Would Not Believe Exist
Not every picture captured comes out well.  Sometimes, few pictures stand for life as embarrassments.  Though the intension was not bad, few pictures come out soo bad that they just leave an awful impression behind.  We are here today with some laugh-out-louder pictures of B-town celebs taken in 90s and even before.  Take a look!

  1. The new Superstars picture of these superstars was a bit embarrassing with them posing half-nude
  2. Rekha is undoubtedly a never ending beauty. With her scary black cat, bobby hairdo, and cat eyes, she literally looked different and so much unlike her.
  3. This is yet another classic of Rekha. She was seen in a Thai traditional dancer costume in this pic and with that jewelry on she was talking on men.
  4. It’s Rekha again, but this time she brought Kajol along with her. Both the actresses are sharing the same sweater.  This picture has created a lot of buzz back then when homosexuality is a big no-no even to discuss about.
  5. Madhuri Dixit has been a big name back in time and coming to poster shoots, she always had a thumbs up, but this picture of her wearing a blue net around her head mimicking Egyptians was a big fashion disaster for sure. It surely did not go well on her.
  6. Madhuri has yet again tried something different, not with her attire, but with her nails. Her little figure nail is too big that it seems so unusual.  We have all our eyes on the nail and not on the yellow attire she wore.
  7. This picture itself is a bit awkward. The leather pants are boosted the awkwardness to the core.  However, Ajjay Devgun seems to be enjoying the pose.
  8. This picture is whole on a different genre. What the genre is has been a question for ages.  We wonder how the photographer got this awful idea to present heart with a cabbage.  The picture comes with a poetry that reads  “My heart is like a cabbage/Divided into two/The leaves I give to others/The heart I give to you”.
  9. This picture is the synonym for awkwardness. We seriously don’t understand what they want to convey through the picture.
  10. Akshay Kumar has always been so manly. With his manly punches and stunts he created a great fan base, but if his fans will be stunned to see this picture.

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