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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Ridiculously Easy Fashion Tips For Men That They Need To Know

When it comes to fashion, women are someone who comes to our mind instantly. Why are only women identified with fashion? It’s a fallacy that only we girls need to look their best. When it comes to impressing a girl, your fashion sense would play a significant role in the process. That is why we have come in to rescue you. Here are 10 easy fashion tips for men.

Invest in an expensive watch

Investing in an expensive watch will always work for you. A watch never goes out of style and completes your look. A watch speaks a lot about a men’s choice so avoid going for any cheap watch that is available in the market.

A well-tailored suit.

A suit is a must in your wardrobe. You might require a formal suit any time and you can’t rush to market just the same day. If you are planning to buy a formal suit always make sure to get it tailored.

White shirts

When in doubt, wear white. This rule is not applicable to girls only, it goes for you guys also. On a windy day, pair your white shirt with a leather jacket. That is enough to drive a girl crazy over your fashion sense.

A well-maintained beard

While your mother like your clean shave looks, but a well-maintained beard can do wonders. While as a man, you probably like your uncombed beard but trimming them according to your face is indispensable. Show off your jawline by trimming your beard in the shape.

A good deodorant

A good deodorant makes you 10 times more attractive. It draws women faster than a sale in Paris. While a good deodorant can do wonders, a bad choice of deodorant can go totally against you. So be a little wise while choosing a deodorant for yourself. Or you can ask your any friend to help you choose one for you.

All-purpose shoes

Wearing a pair of crappy shoes can totally ruin an otherwise great outfit. Get yourself a pair of classic shoes that you can wear to your office or to a party.

Update your glasses

You might be wearing the same glasses since your high school. it’s the high time to change them. Glasses have the power to alter your face’s appearance. That is why you need to update your glasses from time to time that suits your face.

Change your socks

After crappy shoes, crappy socks can totally ruin your great outfit. If a sock droops because of its worn out elastic, you have to let it go. Ditto if it has a hole, you need to change it.

Throw out your old clothes that you hardly wear

We all have that one habit to keep those old clothes in our wardrobe which we hardly wear. Throw them out of your wardrobe and make some space for some new clothes.

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