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Friday, 14 April 2017

OMG! Who Will Answer For These 7 Mistakes By Aamir In PK

Mistakes in PK
Why does PK call for his spaceship to land in Rajasthan and not another open location or to the Delhi Airport?
Knowing that people wear clothes on earth why he did he bring Ranbir to Earth without any?
How did he make an audio collection of Anushka’s words, when he was never seen making the recordings?
How did PK know that the letter was not from Sarfaraz?
He can learn Bhojpuri from this lady, but he doesn’t pick up any other knowledge like that of the contraceptive rubber.
The constable takes him to the same New Delhi police station, as if it’s the only one in the city.
By just touching Anushka, PK learns about Sarfaraz but not any other language which she knows.
Source :- TSP

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