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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Meerut: Unmarried Couple Face Hindu Vahini Wrath for Being in a Room

Meerut: Unmarried Couple Face Hindu Vahini Wrath for Being in a Room
Meerut (UP): A couple allegedly romancing inside a room did not go down well with the neighbours in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut city on Wednesday. They made a call to the police alleging obscenity and the man was subsequently arrested.
When the CNN-News18 team reached the spot - Shashtri Nagar, sector 8 - the neighbours were visibly angry. Everyone had a story to tell.
"I knocked on the door repeatedly for 15 minutess. They opened the door and I found them in a compromising position. This is not the first time. This man (Waseem) has been bringing different girls. We suspect him of running a sex-racket," said Neeraj, a neighbour who has been living in the neighbourhood for the last 22 years.
Another neighbour, who was staying just above the room where the entire incident took place, said she had warned Waseem a few months ago.
"He promised he won't bring anyone. But after a few days he again started bringing the girls."
On being asked about the reasons for moving house on such a short notice, she said, "We don't want to be part of these things. We want to stay out of controversy."
Now the question is what is the role of Hindu Yuva Vahini in the entire incident and how did they got to the spot?
According to reports, members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini allegedly dragged the couple outside and even thrashed them.
Sachin Mittal of Hindu Yuva Vahini said they got a call from the neighbours. That's how they got to know about the incident.
"The neighbours had an objection and that's why we were called in. A lot of time the public don't trust policemen. We keep an eye if the police are doing their work," said Mittal.
The neighbours were of the opinion that this alleged obscenity "will leave a bad impression on their kids".
The question to be asked is if the act took place in a room between two adults, what gave the police to charge them under IPC 294 (obscenity at public place).
If police are cops are to be belived there's an entire different face to the incident.
"We got a PCR call around 12.30 pm on Tuesday about a man behaving improperly and indulging in obscenity. Two phantoms (patrolling policemen on bike) reached the spot. The suspect was sitting outside and the neighbours had gheraoed him. The girl was also sitting there and crying. A team from Mahila Thana was called and both were taken to the police station. In the vehicle, the girl confessed that the man was troubling her. The team asked the girl to call her parents," said SP City Alok Priyadarshini to CNN-News18.
When the parents came, they said they don't want any FIR. The neighbours too refused to lodge a complaint and hence, the police had to become a party to it.
Senior police official said they will take action against Hindu Yuva Vahini if they take law and order in their hands. "We will be strict on anyone who takes law and order in their hands. If we are given proper evidence of them thrasing the man or woman or if someone comes forward with the complaint we will take action for sure," said Priyadarshini.
Interestingly, the police have not taken the statement of neighbours yet.
"We can't assume the girl's consent unless she herself says so. To us, she never said she came here with her consent," said the senior official.
The couple was from Muzaffarnagar and was studying in the same college. While the girl was taken back to her place after her parents came, the man was sent to jail and later released on bail.

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