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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Idiots Face $20,000 Fine After ‘Surfing’ On Turtle And Posting It Online

A photograph of two boys"surfing" on the back of a turtle on the beach at Fraser Island has sparked outrage on social media and cost the tasteless culprits $20,000. Thia photograph was shared on Facebook by Gold Coast man Ricky Rogers, the picture has been circulated more than 4000 times  to draw attention to the cruel act they did with the animal. No violation against animal will be tolerated as they have the equal right to live in this world. They posted the picture with the caption "Surfed a tortoise on zee weekend.. gnarly duddddeeee [sic]".This kind of cruelty against animals is not acceptable, and now the ‘these idiots’ will be charging a fine of up to $20,000.

One Can Surely Guess That These Guys Are Out Of Their Mind!

Two guys Ricky Roger and his friend who surfed on the back of a turtle and posted the pictures on the social media to show off.

The Incident Took Place When they Both Went To Beach in Australia

When they shared the pictures on social media, they got an angry response. And after receiving backlash, they removed the picture from Facebook and Instagram.

They Thought They Are Looking Cool on this Innocent Turtle

They Instantly Deleted Their Images When People Gave Negative Response

When people noticed this insane act, they complained about this incident due to which an investigation was made that whether the tortoise was dead or Doesn't matter he was dead or alive, is it right to tease the animals like this? "Dead or not it's still wrong and inhuman (sic), like do we think it's acceptable to stand on the back of a dead human being? No. So it's not alright to stand on the back of a dead animal," one person wrote.

Gaze At The Video How They Are Standing on This Turtle

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