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Friday, 14 April 2017

He Proposed To His Love Under The Northern Lights And The Pics Are Awesome

There are certain moments in our lives that tend to define us and they form a moment in time that is going to last forever. One of those times is when the proposal takes place, because it is the prelude to the most important day in our lives. It is a memory that both people will remember and share with others for the rest of their lives.
In most cases, people try to choose a location for their proposal that is absolutely perfect. At times, it may be somewhat of a fairytale opportunity but it is one that is important to care for in the proper way. This is a moment that is only going to come around once and there are many men and women who will put hours of thought into what they will do on that day.

Dale Sharpe also thought about what he could do to propose to his girlfriend of seven years, Karlie Russell. He took the opportunity to propose to her under the northern lights in the Lofoten islands of Norway. You may have seen some beautiful proposals in your lifetime, but they will pale in comparison to this one.
Both of them are photographers, so they knew what it took to make a beautiful picture. They have been a couple for seven years, and they have seen the northern lights more than 30 times. That particular day was special.
“It was the most amazing display of colour in the Aurora that we’ve ever seen.”
In order to set up the proposal, Dale attempted to get Karlie to take a selfie with him. She didn’t want to do it at first, thinking that they should move to a different location to capture the perfect landscape shot. Eventually she gave in, and that’s when he got down on one knee.
“I was completely blown away as it was the last thing I was expecting at that time,” Karlie said. “I kept telling Dale to hurry up so we could get a landscape shot instead. After he set up the camera, then to my surprise got down on one knee, I was in shock but of course said, ‘yes!’”
Dale was going to pop the question nine months earlier when they went to Iceland. He had the engagement ring with him in a lotion bottle and he told Karlie that it belonged to his mother. At the airport, the luggage weighed too much and Karlie threw out the bottle with the $4000 ring inside. Dale didn’t even realise that it happened until later in the trip. He had to save up for another rain.
“I politely said, ‘That’s OK,’ while internally screaming,” Dale said. “I couldn’t really tell her and ruin my proposal plan.”
They connected online while living on opposite sides of Australia. They did a sunset photo shoot together on the Gold Coast when they first met in person. They were happily engaged seven years later but do not have wedding plans.
“Having to buy two engagement rings means the savings is a little behind!” Dale said.
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