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Friday, 14 April 2017

Confident of Carrying a Film on My Shoulders: Kirti Kulhai

Confident of Carrying a Film on My Shoulders: Kirti Kulhari
Mumbai: From featuring in supporting roles to playing the lead in her next Indu Sarkar, Kirti Kulhari has come a long way and the actress says she is confident of carrying a film on her shoulders. Kirti who has appeared in multi starrer films like ShaitanJal and Pink among others is excited about her first film as a lead, directed by Madhur Bhandarkar.
"I have always been very confident about myself as an actor. To carry a film on your shoulder you either have to be a star or a very good actor. I was confident about myself but post Pink people felt I could carry a film on my shoulder... it was a huge responsibility. When I started Indu Sarkar I was more than confident of doing the film," Kirti told PTI.
Kirti received rave reviews for her incredible performance in the Amitabh Bachchan-starrer, which released last year. Post one of the screenings of Pink, which recently bagged a National Award, Bhandarkar offered her Indu Sarkar and she accepted the offer immediately "Indu Sarkar is set in the time of Emergency, I love period dramas and I love this space and the another reason for me to say yes to the film was it is a title role," she adds.
In the film, Kirti plays a stammering poetess, who gains confidence and rebels against the system during the Emergency. "There are very few films that have done justice to actors who stammer on screen. I tried my best to make the role as authentic as possible. I watched lot of videos where people are stammering.
"Also I had to understand Indu's life, what led to her stammering and how stammering has shaped her in life," she says. The challenge for the 31-year-old actress was to get the speech impediment right, for which she spent days learning to stammer.
"I had to make sure my stammering was technically correct, I am portraying it in right way from my facial expressions to hand movement." "It was a huge challenge. I hope I have done justice to my role and the film," she adds.
Kirti says she had great time working with Bhandarkar. "He is a very chilled out person but is very serious about his work. The film is tough to plan and execute but
Madhur did everything that just fell in place," she says. Indu Sarkar is scheduled to release this year in July.

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