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Sunday, 23 April 2017

9 World Worst Mom Selfie Fails, #7 is Too Dangerous!

Taking selfies every moment is a craze, especially for girls and women. While there is nothing really wrong in taking selfies, one should take care while clicking the camera. Sometimes these selfies turn out to be fail, as the camera captures more than your pout. And sometimes taking selfies can turn fatal and dangerous too. Check out of some the selfie fails of these women, gosh seventh picture is dangerous:

Whoops this girl forgot to check the behind scenario.

This girl has made the little boy bang his head to the wall from an early age, guess even children are tired of selfie mania.

Whoops, don’t forget the mirror, this isn’t a selfie, this couple should get a selfie stick.

This woman forgot that the child behind is searching for something in a wallet, he might end choking himself.

This is not a kind of a selfie one must take in front of a kid.

This woman is more interested in her selfie than the baby behind her.

OMG this is so scary, she is so keen in her selfie that she is ready to burn the kid.

Whoops this woman wants to make the child intoxicated with hard drinks and smoking.

This woman is pregnant, yet she does not mind smoking, that not a good sign for a mother to be.

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