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Friday, 14 April 2017

20 Life Changing Inventions That You Need To Know

There are many things that we can appreciate about being human but one that is invariably going to be to our advantage sooner or later is the fact that we have creativity. We often use that creativity in a wide variety of ways, regardless of whether it is making a DIY project or coming up with a new idea. It is the invention side of the factor that we are considering in this article.
It seems as if there is something new that hits the market on almost a regular basis. Some of those items are merely fluff and we don’t really give them much thought but others tend to change our lives and at times, we may even wonder how we ever lived without them. We can find these gadgets in every room in the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen and we may even find them in our automobile.

The following 20 inventions are not only life-changing, they are some that you are going to want to have for yourself. Make sure that you take a look down through the and when you see them, you may just not be able to live without them.
1. Alarm clock Mat – you have to get up to turn it off
2. Fruit cleaner spray bottle
3. Contact lenses that record video
4. An ironing board and mirror in one
5. A solar powered chaise lounge
6. This bed helps you to snuggle
7. Something to hold your nail varnish
8. Cut your cucumber into spirals
9. A bedside table with a food tray
10. Dry your shoes quietly
11. Exercise while you sit
12. A convenient paint roller
13. Jelly cloth gets into hard-to-reach places
14. Batteries charge with a USB port
15. A heatable knife for cold butter
16. A scooter suitcase
17. A safe bicycle backpack
18. Solar powered plug socket
19. Perfect for small apartments
20. A futuristic exercise cycle
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