Thursday, 24 November 2011

What is "Star Wars: Identities"?

What is Star Wars: Identities?
A few days ago it was revealed that Lucasfilm registered several new domain for "Star Wars: Identities." At the time we had no idea whether the name was for a new TV series or a video game.

Now comes word that "Star Wars: Identities" is a new museum exhibition that will appear at the Montreal Science Centre from April 19th to September 16th, 2012. And today we have a description of the exhibition and a teaser trailer which you can watch below.

"This exhibition offers a fresh perspective on the beloved characters of 'Star Wars,'" said X3 Productions. "We get a deeper understanding of their identities, and, at the same time, we get a deeper understanding of our own. The collection, the interactive components, and the scientific content work hand in hand here to create a seamless and exciting experience for our visitors. It's a character-driven adventure into identity."

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